Landscaping Services

Maintaining a beautiful landscape is hard work that requires a lot of time, patience, and know-how. You have to be consistent with your upkeep efforts, timing everything perfectly for optimal care and preservation of your landscaping features. That’s why establishing a schedule for mowing, trimming, mulching, and weeding can be critical.

Thankfully, Elite Property Care in the Capital District is here to provide you with all of the professional landscaping services you need. Our landscape contractors have 18+ years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured you’re getting work from a knowledgeable, trustworthy team. Plus, we perform residential and commercial landscaping with equally impressive results. Find out more about what sets us apart from other landscape companies when you call today!

Landscaping Services Tailored to You

At Elite Property Care, our team is happy to offer custom landscape services for whatever your property needs. We can come to your house for a one-time tree- or shrub-trimming service, or we can develop a seasonal maintenance schedule that allows us to keep taking care of your property as the need arises.

Our regular customers love how our landscaping services can be tailor-made to fit their individual needs. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and create a project and budget that works for you personally. No cookie-cutter packages here. When you work with Elite Property Care, you won’t be stuck paying for landscape services you don’t want or need. This is just one of the many ways we distinguish ourselves from other landscaping companies in Albany, Troy, Saratoga, and beyond.

Here’s just a sampling of the landscaping services we can provide:

  • Mulching
  • Tree trimming
  • Pruning
  • Lawn edging
  • Mowing
  • Planting new trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Spring and fall clean-ups
  • Routine landscape maintenance
  • Landscape repairs and touch-ups

Commercial Landscape Services and Routine Maintenance

Do you need routine maintenance for a business park, apartment complex, or condo association? Call Elite Property Care today for commercial landscape services from our professionals. Together, we can set up a landscape maintenance schedule that will help keep your commercial property looking neat and clean.

From weekly mowing in the summer, to clean-ups in the spring and fall, to snow removal in the winter, we have the manpower and equipment to serve you all year long. We always get the job done quickly and effectively so your property continues to look great no matter the season.

Although some landscaping companies only offer maintenance services, that’s not us. We can also provide you with a unique landscape design and install entirely new features, such as hardscaping and outdoor lighting. So, whatever you need for your home or commercial landscaping, make sure you call Elite Property Care in the Capital District.

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