Snow & Ice Removal

Clearing all of the snow from your property can be a daunting task. When you need parking lots and walkways clear for your customers or residents, call Elite Property Care in the Capital District. We can do all of the plowing, salting, and ice removal to keep your commercial property safe and hazard free!

Commercial Snow Removal Service Contracts

Why should you have to call to get a snow removal service every time it snows? In the Capital District, snow is a routine part of life during the winter, so it’s handy to have a snow removal team on hand whenever it gets bad out. That’s what Elite Property Care offers when it comes to snow plowing and ice management services.

For business owners, property managers, and site management companies, we like to establish contracts so you don’t have to call when it starts to snow. When it gets dangerous out, we’ll be there to clean off your walkways and plow your parking lot each and every time—without you having to pick up the phone. After all, we know you want your customers to always have a safe journey to your door.

We don’t stop at snow plow service, either. We’ll remove snow from sidewalks, remove ice from pedestrian areas, and lay salt down to keep new ice from forming. Whether you hire us for parking lot or driveway snow removal services, people will love pulling onto dry pavement and being able to get into your business or back to their units safely.

This is especially important for housing complexes. If you’re a residential property manager, we’ll honor your responsibility to keep residents safe. Elite Property Care frequently plows and clears snow from apartment complexes and other housing developments for everyone’s protection.

Set Up a Snow Removal Agreement Today!

For all of your snow plowing, ice removal, and other snow-related services in the Capital District, come to Elite Property Care. For your convenience, we can even set up snow removal contracts in the summertime so it’s one less thing you have to worry about when the temperature starts to fall.

We’ll take care of the snow and ice so you can take care of your customers. Give us a call today!

Snow Removal