New Lawn Installation

Sometimes, your lawn can start to look messy. If a lack of rain has killed your grass, or if surface damage from playing, walking, and driving on your lawn has uprooted parts of it, installing an entirely new lawn might be the best way to restore your property’s appearance. At Elite Property Care, we can help you remove your old lawn, grade the land, and install sod to help grass start to grow again. So, if you’re a property owner in Albany, Saratoga, or the greater Capital District, get started with a simple phone call today!

Sod Installation and Service

A sod lawn is only one of the options for a new lawn installation, but it’s the best way to immediately get your lawn looking great without waiting for seed to grow. We can lay sod after completely removing your old grass, or we can lay sod on fresh land where grass has never grown. Planting sod is a very flexible process!

Elite Property Care is here to help you install sod and help you maintain it after the fact. The mowing schedule to help your new sod grow is very specific, so we can come in and do what it takes to help you get the most out of your new sod and lawn. It’s an investment that will serve you and your property well for a long time.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Sod

Our lawn specialists can take on laying sod for average suburban yards, commercial housing properties, and even condo associations! In fact, we can handle the majority of large, commercial jobs. So, whether you need sod service for a residential yard or an entire business park, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thanks to our 18+ years of experience with landscaping and sod, we can work with any client to get your sod lawn looking great again, whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent, or general contractor working on a new construction project. Plus, we can lay sod in the course of completing our other landscaping projects.

However and wherever you need sod lawn installation, Elite Property Care is the team of lawn installation contractors for the job. In business since 2001, we’ll install your new lawn with the utmost care and expertise. We’ll make sure that your new lawn grows and thrives, and we can even help you maintain it long after installation.

For landscaping and sod installation services tailored to your property and your budget, make an appointment with Elite Property Care in the Capital District. We’ll treat your lawn like we’d treat our own!